Platters are the ultimate in culinary presentation. They demand acknowledgement. When you place food on a platter, it is a gift, an offering. Make that gift as beautiful as you can. With the Jay Companies selection of platters there is no better way to add elegance and style to an event in one fell swoop.

The plates available are of the utmost quality and craftsmanship that they will keep you entertaining for years to come. Cake domes, tiered servers, chip and dip sets, serving platters, pedestal plates, and much more are all a part of our wide array of platters for you serving needs. They are both beautiful and functional. Choose from a variety of colorful solids or floral designs, from styles that are both classic and contemporary, from casual looks to fine dining attire.

So many options are available you are sure to find something that not only functions perfectly in the setting you require it to, but it is sure to match the décor, the ambiance, the aesthetics of any event. Platters should enhance your presentation, be the fine details that adds perfection. They should not take away from your event, be an eye sore or compete with aesthetics already in place. No, not these platters. These platters will take any event to the next level. With allow guests to appreciate your cuisine, your culinary artistry, or whatever it may, in style and in a way that allows them to enjoy the atmosphere of your party like they never would have before. Platters are that take-away detail that people can’t always put their finger on…but they know they were in the midst of a stylish event.