Round dinnerware

Round dinnerware is a classic look for any table and any occasion. Both American Atelier and Waverly are leading brands whose names will always guarantee quality and cutting edge design. When choosing round dinnerware bone china, dolomite, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain sets are available.

While when it comes to patterns beaded, concentric circle, dotted, flower, frutta, leaf, plaid red, scalloped, shell and solid are of the highly desired.

Round dinnerware can be found in 16 piece sets or 20 piece sets and the colors run the gamut. Round dinnerware can have both a classic look as well as a modern or funky flair. It all depends on the pattern and color you choose to accompany the shape. Remember: your dinnerware should express not only who you are but should accompany and fall in harmony with the occasion. Round dinnerware is suitable for any occasion and can be found at a casual dinner or a wedding event. Designs like the American Atelier Tasmania will bring eye-popping style and intrigue to your dinner table; others like the American Atelier Bianca Laurel will subtly express elegance and grace.

Look to the American Atelier Ashbury for a clean simply design, while the American Atelier Cordoba is quite a bit more edgy. No matter who you are you are bound to find the perfect round dinnerware to fit your needs, to accentuate the aesthetics of your table and your dinner room, and to complement any meal you serve.