Rattan & Natural Charger Plates

Rattan chargers provide a great rustic feel to any table top and are ideal for eco-friendly occasions. Rattan chargers bring the presentation of a meal down to earth and carry a unique feel to any occasion you choose to use it for. There is truly no other charger like this. Rattan chargers are woven into square or circle designs and can be under any bowl or plate.

Rattan is not recommended for use in microwaves, it is, however, recommended for casual everyday use. Rattans are available in both round shapes and square. They are incredibly good at bringing a natural enhancement to your food. The shades of brown -- typical to the rattan -- bring a real earthy essence to the table and they make a very harmonious enhancement to any outdoor affair – be it an eatery, a catered dinner, or an elaborate picnic. Rattans are a perfect addition to the ultimate presentation. The Rattan is a unique piece of artistry and complements the culinary arts and is sure to be looked upon with envious and admiring eyes. Rattan chargers can be used as the backdrop of a casual presentation or the highlight of a formal one. You choose. Rattan chargers should be hand washed and gently cared for.

All rattan chargers are 13” and weigh approximately 10 pounds. Rattan chargers are sold individually.