Melamine Charger Plates

Melamine chargers are simply exquisite. They bring a rich, royal feel to any setting. The melamine charger is versatile in its usage and can be used under any bowl or plate to accent and present the culinary artistry of your meals. However, it can also be used on its own as a decorative piece or as a centerpiece.

Its artistry is such that one can admire it for its individual beauty. No matter how you choose to use this beautiful charger it is sure to catch numerous admiring gazes. For designs that are both rich in style and carry a masterful and demanding presence look to the Round Aristocrat Polypropylene Charger Plate, the Chargelt By Jay Round Beaded Rim Charger Plate, Chargelt By Jay Ancient Square Charger Plate and the Chargelt By Jay Emboss Charger Plate. The designs of each of these chargers are ideal for high-class affairs. These chargers are deceptively lightweight, and extremely durable to boot. You will add an air of antiquity instantly to your table should you choose to set it with any one of these designs. Other, more modern designs include the Round Textured Cool Gray Charger, the Royal Round Red Charger Plate Embossed, the Royal Antiqued 13” Charger Plate Embossed.

Any of these designs are sure to dress up your table. These chargers are all 13”, are available in both round and square shapes, and are sold singularly or in sets of four.