Glass Charger Plates

The glass charger is one of the more artistic and a unique charger there is. Chargelt by Jay is the brand of choice. Glass chargers are purchased individually and are available in both round and square shape and come only in a solid pattern with a wide range of colors to choose form.

The Silver Glitter Glass is a clean beautiful choice and a fine addition to any collection. The 13-inch Beaded charger is a classic, and so simple, yet the beaded edges bring just the right amount of artistic flair. It can class up any situation while not intervening or competing for attention. It is an accent of all accents. The Reef Charger Plate is another beautiful design that looks incredibly delicate while maintaining a heaviness and strength afforded to it by way of its melted metal look.

One of the most glamourous chargers in this selection is the Deniz Flower Shape Charger Plate. Use this charger when you want to flatter the table with intricate charm and style. Or bring a little festive color to the dinner table with the Round Arizona Gray Glass Charger Plate. This charger is sure to be the highlight of your dinnerware. This charger is so colorful it can be displayed on its own of as a centerpiece to any party.