Charger Plates

Charger plates are the backbone of dishware. They are the workhorse of the dinnerware. They are a necessity. They are a luxury. However you choose to look at the charger plate, or whatever you choose to use the charger plate for, here is where you will find a wide variety of high quality designs. Some people collect charger plates, and if that is you, again, you are in the right place. Charger plates are also very fitting as gifts for a wedding or other fine occasion. There is a wide price range of charger plates available, and these are compiled of unique classic designs as well as creative edgy ones. Materials to choose from are faux leather, glass, leather, melamine, metal, and polypropylene. You can purchase charger plates singularly or in groups of four. Charger plates are available in both round shapes as well as square. Patterns include crocodile, solid, and woven.

There is a variety of colors available that run the gamut. For a real edgy, sexy look, the Square Faux Leather Black Alligator Charger is an eye-catcher. With its intricate and intriguing crocodile pattern this charger is sure to impress. For a more classic and elegant look the Chargeit is a fantastic charger to consider. Looking for a more artistic appeal, try the Round Gold Jeweled Glass Mirror Charger or the Round Red Beads Glass Mirror Charger – either one is sure to bring an unparalleled uniqueness to any table top.