Storage Solutions! How to safeguard all kinds of things

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Proper storage of your valuable possessions and items is important to help not only keep them in good condition but to also help keep them from becoming damaged while they are being stored away. Whether it’s your finest dinnerware, cutlery, jewelry box, or furniture, storing your items correctly can help save you lots of money later down the months or years. Here are some storage solution tips you can use when packing away your valuables.

Storage Solution #1 – Breathable Sheet Materials - Many people may feel that plastic is a great alternative to storing your items. Although it can be to some degree, depending on the location and humidity of the stored items you may find that over time moisture, mildew and mold may occur which can result in high amounts of damage. For those looking to cover items with a sheet of material, it is best to use materials that offer high breathing abilities like canvas or cotton. Cotton and canvas promote increased airflow, and offer a natural storage solution that can help with repelling debris and dust, especially in long term storage applications.

Storage Solution #2 – Raise Items Off The Floor – Storing your items on the floor can cause hiding spaces and homes for spiders and rodents to live. When storing larger items try to raise them off the floor with the use of wooden pallets. This can help to stop damage from rodents while also helping to prevent any risks of water damage or water intrusion. It also promotes increased airflow which helps to minimize bacteria growth.

Storage Solution #3 – Choose Strong Boxes – When storing smaller objects like your serveware, drinkware, or charger plates, it is important to invest in some strong and durable boxes. There are some boxes which are made for storage and are designed to be tougher, heavier, and thicker in design. Because they are made from cardboard, it is important to keep them away from outdoor elements, and have them lifted off the floor as well to help prevent rodent damage.

Storage Solution #4 – Storage Units – For those storing items for extended periods of time, the use of climate controlled storage units are highly recommended. These types of storage units are ideal for items such as electronics to be stored, due to their high sensitivity to temperature changes and moisture.

Storage Solution #5 – Use Appropriate Locks – Lastly, no matter what items you have in storage, it is important that they are secured and locked within their storage area to stop theft. It is important to choose your lock carefully, and it is highly recommended to use locks that are made from rust resistant stainless steel to help reduce long term wear and tear. Other locks, such as disk locks, have also proven to be incredibly trustworthy when used.

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