How to Make a Room Come Alive With Simple Items

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In almost any home, there is usually a room which may seem a little boring or dull to look at. There can be many ways to spruce up a room but many people may not have the money to do it. Here are some great and affordable tips you can use to help make any dull room or décor come alive!

Small Things You Can Use To Make Your Room Come Alive

Vases – Vases such as the Fitz & Floyd Libra Crystal Vase or the Fitz & Floyd Gemini Crystal Vase can make great additions to any room to bring a stylish flare. Crystal vases are a great choice because of their light reflecting ability. These vases are ideal for use with any flower type, and when placed on a coffee table, main table, or mantle, they can really liven up a room with an extra touch of beauty.

Clocks – Clocks are also a great piece which can easily bring your room to life. Crystalized clocks such as the Crystal Regal Mantle Clock and the Fifth Avenue Crystal Picture Frame Desk Clock add a sophisticated and eye-catching allure that will captivate all your guests. These crystal clocks work great on deep brown colored tables, desks or mantles as it will stand out with the contrasting colors, although can be used on any colored surface area and still compliment the room. With their intricate design, these crystal clocks are perfect for lifting the room’s appearance, and can change the atmosphere when you walk into the room.

Picture Frames – Wooden picture frames are always a popular choice for any home, although it can bring an ordinary look to a room that doesn’t stand out. Replacing wooden picture frames with crystal frames including the Crystal Clear Natalie Floral 8 x 10 Inch Glass Picture Frame or the Fifth Avenue Lucria Frosted Glass 8 x 10 Inch Picture Frame can really add something special to a room. These crystal picture frames offer a classy and unique look that beautifully reflects the light when used. They are great for placing on coffee tables or mantles, and can really bring out the colors of your chosen picture.

Although they may seem small and insignificant, when chosen right, these small items can easily bring out the best in your home and selected room and make a long lasting impact.

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