Everything You’ll Need For Your Rustic Inspired Kitchen

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Over the years the rustic kitchen theme has come back into style with many styles being inspired by the rawness of the materials used. When it comes to making your own rustic inspired kitchen, materials such as brass, wood, and copper make a great starting point. Concrete is also an inspiring material that can be used to help with achieving that rustic look you may be after.
What Are Some Signatures For A Rustic Kitchen?
There are many specific signatures a rustic kitchen features. These can include, but are not limited to, wooden counter tops, hard wood floors, exposed bricks, and exposed beams. The preferred color pallet is the use of Earth tones, while using white as a base color, can bring out the backbone of any true style rustic kitchen.
Ways To Make You Kitchen Stand Out
Integrating essential items such as tables, countertops and chairs that feature a country charm are also a great starting point for transforming your rustic kitchen. Wooden chairs such as the American Atelier Living Lilly Chair and the American Atelier Living Grant Chair can compliment most wooden benches, long wooden tables, or wooden kitchen islands.
While cabinets take up most of the space in the kitchen, it can really set the rustic trend when they are painted white while the counter tops are wood. To compliment your cabinets, the use of brass handles can really bring out the contrasting beauty between the wood, white, and brass colors. Storage containers or open shelving is also a great way of accentuating the look of your rustic kitchen.
When it comes to storage containers the use of wicker baskets are a fantastic choice, along with copper containers, galvanized buckets and wire baskets. Additional items that can be chosen to help add charm to your décor is iron pots, copper pots, vintage glass bottles, as well as copper or iron pans. These items can be hung on the walls or be displayed on shelving areas. The integration of a copper cooker head can also make a great addition to any rustic kitchen layout to bring out that extra feel.
When it comes to lighting some of the best choices would be lighting fixtures that are made from wrought iron such as chandeliers. These lighting fixtures are able to match with candle holders, pot racks, and other wall décor that you may have in place.

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