Decorating with Candles

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No matter what room of the home you are looking to decorate, the simple task of adding candles is a great way of bring an essence to a room. Whether it’s a beautiful accessory or a basic essential, candles are able to lift the mood and look of any home. Here are some tips on the best ways you can display your candles for better effect.

  • Bundles of candles tied together are a great way of lifting the look of outdoor environments. Sitting a bundle of 10 candles on a platter such as the Crystal Clear H20 Rectangular Platter or placing 3 or 4 candle in a dull corner can really brighten up any outdoor area.
  • For a stunning display in both indoor and outdoor areas, the use of floating candles is a great option. The best candles to use for floating candles are the bright colored flowerhead shaped candles. These can be placed in a bowl of water and bring an ambiance like nothing else.
  • Try to look for different alternatives to the traditional style candles. Small tea-light candles placed within glasses such as Fitz & Floyd Sarah Set Of 4 Highball Glasses or adding larger century style candle holders such as Fifth Avenue Crystal Glass Holder Set to a table setting is a great way of setting a new look to an ordinary setup.
  • Candles placed within cut-out lanterns will always cast a lovely array of shadows across walls or for small dinners or parties. The use of Chinese paper lanterns is a great option as well for short term use.

Things to consider

  • To have longer lasting candles it is best to choose ones that feature a deep rich color with a solid waxy texture. They work exceedingly well when placed within a freezer for 2 hours before lighting it up.
  • Store your candles within a dark cool place to help with preserving their scent and color. They are prone to bend when placed or exposed to the sunlight for a long time.
  • To remove any wax from soft furnishings or table linen, place kitchen towel or a brown paper bag over the dried wax before pressing the iron gently over the top of it. By doing it this way the wax will transfer to the paper. You can repeat this until the wax is removed.
  • For extinguishing of the candle it is best to use a candle quencher or candle snuffer. Another way is to hold your fingers in front of the candle flame before blowing the flame at your finger. Never use water as it can cause some of the hot wax to spit or spatter, or it can cause come containers to break.

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